3 reasons why custom packaging is the new black in ecommerce logistics

When we talk about custom packages, we are referring to boxing that is specially tailored for your company, or even a specific product. Be it some branded tape or a full unboxing experience, one thing is for sure: bespoke packages are here to stay.

At Axla, we’re on top of the latest packaging trends, and custom packaging is a must-have in setting your brand apart. Marina Vierikko, our Key Account and New Customer Implementation Manager, is here to tell you all about the possibilities of custom packaging:

1. Bespoke packaging makes an impression

    Gone are the days of the plain, cardboard box. If you ask us, a unique package is an extra way to advertise and build brand recognition. With custom packaging, your brand will attract attention throughout the package’s journey to its final destination.

    If your customer picks it up from a pick-up point, imagine how many passers-by on the street will sneak a peek at your branded packaging!

    A customized box can be as subtle or flashy as you want it to be. Everything from a branded sticker to packaging tape can help build brand awareness and get your customer hyped about their delivery.

    Axla Logistics is your one-stop shop for everything ecommerce logistics – including stunning custom packaging.

    2. Unboxing is now a branded experience!

      Nowadays, social media is full of unboxing videos and other content. Packaging is no longer just the thing your item comes in – rather, it’s an exciting experience that you can’t wait to share with your friends and followers.

      “We have definitely seen a rise in popularity when it comes to tailored packaging. Especially cosmetics brands are paying more attention to the unboxing experience,” remarks Marina.

      We at Axla have an arsenal of ways you can enhance your boxes’ presentation inside as well. For example, silk paper and other protective materials are an easy way to add brand colors and playfulness to your box. Want to throw in a thank you card? We can help you out with that too.

      3. More than just a pretty package

      Of course being pleasing to the eye is only one feature of great packaging. Nothing ruins the first impression of a brand like a damaged and poorly packed product. Reliable, quality packaging solutions are a top priority for us.

      In addition to the practical applications of a well-packaged product, packaging can also be used to communicate your company’s commitment to sustainability. Our environmentally friendly and sturdy packaging solutions are a good example of how packaging can be used to communicate your brand values:

      Nearly all our packaging solutions are made using up to 40% recycled materials. We’ve also developed a biodegradable cushioning material that is a green alternative to plastic bubble wrap. We always look for the perfect package for deliveries and make sure there is as little air in our parcels as possible. Read more about sustainability at Axla!

      Ready to think outside the box with us?

      Custom packaging can be anything – from branded tape to a fully custom box. It’s totally up to you. At Axla, we go by your wishes and suggest cost-effective solutions, too.

      “Since the start of the global pandemic, we’ve noticed that the price of packaging materials is on the rise, and they’ve been running out worldwide. With us, you can rest assured that materials are always at hand for your deliveries,” says Marina.

      For us, it’s important that you have visibility into the entire process and meet our team. Tailor your ecommerce business’ packaging to your heart’s desire together with us. Get in touch with our team!