Sustainable logistics: 5 ways we do environmentally responsible ecommerce logistics from Sweden to Finland

Whether it be from Sweden to Finland or to the other side of the globe, we ensure our services are environmentally responsible and financially smart while remaining streamlined to the max. To hone in on the many ways Axla invests in sustainable logistics practices, we sat down with Sales & Marketing Manager Matias Toukonen and Business Area Director for Pack & Distribution Mats Polviander to flesh out how we do our part for our planet.

Here are just 5 ways we’re making a difference in ecommerce logistics:

1. Logistics to fit you and your customers’ needs

Ecommerce is growing like never before, and consumers require faster and more flexible deliveries. To keep up with the times and meet customers’ growing delivery expectations, ecommerce businesses need to think up ways to keep their delivery options as varied as possible.

Does that sound like a tall order? Not to worry. At Axla, we have partnered up with all the major last mile partners so you don’t have to. We ensure that your customers receive their packages sustainably and with their preferred method from Sweden to Finland. This way, they keep coming back to you time and time again.

Another way we keep logistics smart is by gathering up your packages from multiple last-mile partners into a single line-haul transportation from Sweden to Finland. Clever and sustainable, too!

2. We bring returns to the 21st century

Shipping from Sweden to Finland and back is expensive, and taxing on the environment to boot. Here at Axla, we’re constantly thinking up new ways to make reverse logistics and return policies smarter.

To cut down on unnecessary CO₂ emissions, we favor gathering up a larger quantity of returned items and sending them back in one go, for example. Sometimes it’s a good idea to question whether returning the package to its point of origin is even necessary.

3. Location, location, location

Does each of your parcels make the painstaking journey over the Baltic Sea, and sometimes back again? Thankfully there is a more financially and environmentally sustainable option for storing your products for the Finnish market.

With a satellite storage, you can store your top products in our facilities in Vantaa, minimize unnecessary shipments, and cut down on carbon emissions from the first and last mile. Optimizing your product storage is good for the environment (and your budget) in the long run!

Sustainable logistics
At Axla, we are constantly thinking up smart and sustainable ways to package deliveries.

4. Trusted partnerships are the name of the game

When it comes to sustainability, every step in the logistics chain matters. This is why we handpick our global distribution partners with care.

As an example, we put a lot of thought into our packaging materials. To ensure that our partners meet our environmental standards, we have strict criteria for all of them before we agree to a partnership. We also ensure that all of our partners meet high sustainability criterias.

5. We’re a lean, green packaging machine

It’s no secret that packaging smart can make a huge difference for the environment. Our environmentally friendly packaging solutions ensure deliveries get to their destination responsibly – and in one piece, of course!

How do we do it in practice? As a rule of thumb in logistics, each package that is bigger than it needs to be adds unnecessary mass to the shipment. Solution? We always look for the perfect package for deliveries. We also make sure there is as little air in our parcels as possible.

“For more fragile packages, we’ve developed a solution that doesn’t require any bubble wrapping. We skip the air by recycling boxes into a biodegradable cushioning material,” Matias describes.

Let’s work together for a sustainable future

At Axla, creating bespoke logistics solutions for our customers is at the core of what we do. As the ecommerce industry continues to grow worldwide, we believe that working together with our ecommerce customers is paramount in building the online shopping model of tomorrow:

“As part of the logistics industry, we have lots of trucks, ships and aircraft constantly on the move. For us, it’s obvious that we hold a lot of responsibility for making logistics as sustainable as possible for our environment,” says Mats.

Looking for a logistics partner for your ecommerce business that cares about the environment as much as you do? Get in touch with us!