RePack and Axla Logistics partners up

With reuse-as-a-service, you simply replace single-use packaging in your warehouse - we manage the rest for you. RePack is a perfect match for webstores shipping soft goods, wishing to reduce their environmental impact while improving their user experience.

Our common goal of offering sustainable e-commerce logistics makes this partnership a no-brainer for us”, says Matias Toukonen, Sales & Marketing Manager at Axla Logistics. “We are impressed by the work done by team RePack so far and happy that we can now offer our e-commerce merchants the possibility to enhance their customer experience by using a sustainable, reusable packaging option in RePack.”

“This partnership makes the adoption of reusable packaging a smooth ride for e-commerce merchants. Axla paths the way of logistics that don’t come in the way of innovation, but play the role of the enabler”, says Jonne Hellgren, CEO and Founder at RePack.

RePack helps over 150 apparel brands and retailers to move away from single-use in Europe and North America. By replacing single-use packaging with returnable and reusable packaging, the RePack service allows companies to reduce their packaging carbon footprint by up to 80% and trash by up to 96%.

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