Leading expert in e-commerce logistics, Axla Logistics Oy, is investing in automated customer service

Although e-commerce has always been at the forefront of digitalization, its central support function, logistics, has developed more slowly. Most Finnish e-commerce stores still handle everything from storage to order processing and shipping themselves. By outsourcing logistics functions, however, e-commerce retailers can streamline their operations, save costs, and enhance the customer experience. Axla Logistics is committed to digitalization and is creating a new automated portal for e-commerce customers, with service available 24/7.

"E-commerce growth means an increase in demand for us as well. We want to ensure fast support for our customers, which is why we are investing in automated customer service. The new service portal is the first step, but we are also planning other major initiatives related to e-commerce logistics digitalization," says Andreas Ögård, Axla Logistics' Head of sales and marketing.

Axla Logistics, which has its roots in Åland, has over 20 years of experience in e-commerce logistics and is owned by Åland Post Ab, the Åland Islands' postal service. Operating in challenging island conditions has always required the ability to make the most of available tools, so digitalization is ingrained in the company. Today, the company's logistics center is located on the mainland in Vantaa.

"Our roots are definitely a strength for us. Because of our location, we have always competed in a weight class that is larger than our size, which has led us to be a leader in efficiency and digitalization," says Ögård.